PEMF Therapy: Healing Radiations

PEMF treatment is able to restore your body to its optimal condition

What types of conditions can PEMF therapy treat? PEMF therapy has the power to heal a multitude of pains and afflictions that can result from any number of sources. And the best part is that you are able to relax as it does this! These benefits include: Bone Regeneration Muscle Recovery from Exercise Alleviation from … Read more

PEMF Frequency Chart

PEMF healing frequencies can help restore the body

In the past few decades, research and development of alternative forms of medicine has been an ever-growing interest amongst those in the scientific and medical community. Alternative medicine is essentially any medicine that isn’t considered a traditional form of medication or treatment. Often, these forms of medicine aren’t fully proven by science. Nonetheless, they are … Read more

The Best PEMF Therapy Mats

The best PEMF mats are capable of drastically improving your health and wellness

If you’ve ever looked into purchasing or have purchased a PEMF therapy mat before, you are probably aware of how confusing and stressful it can be. There are so many options, a lot of them claim to have powerful effects, and they can be extremely expensive. So, how do you know you’re making the best … Read more

How to Use PEMF Therapy

apples symbolizing health: how to use pemf therapy

Apples have forever been a symbol of health and wellness. We all know the phrase, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” Apples do offer a wide variety of healthful benefits, but another less common healthy alternative is something you may never have heard of: PEMF therapy. And though “PEMF therapy a day, keeps … Read more

How EMFs are Harmful

X-rays are a source of electric and magnetic fields.

Have you ever wondered why doctors don’t want you standing in front of an X-ray machine for too long? Or why doctors can’t allow you to get too many CT scans throughout your life? There is actually a reason for this. The reason is because of EMFs. EMFs, or electric and magnetic fields, are areas … Read more

What is EMF Radiation

Someone on their phone and computer at the same time: What is EMF radiation?

What is EMF radiation? In this blog post, you will learn how EMF radiation works, the history of EMFs, and how to avoid EMF radiation.  Today, everything is convenient. We have solutions for everything. Need food but don’t want to have to head to the shop or go to a restaurant and order take out? … Read more

PEMF for Pain Relief

massage of the shoulder and upper back: PEMF for pain relief

If you suffer from pain, you’re not alone. Many people suffer from chronic, persistent pain every single year. A study conducted by the National Interview Survey found that about 20 percent of American adults suffered from some type of chronic pain. About 7 percent of adults had chronic pain that limited their engagement in activities, … Read more

The Science of PEMF Therapy

The Science of PEMF Therapy

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis shows the Earth’s magnetic field in all of its glory. I bet you didn’t know how beneficial magnets actually were for your health? Especially magnets employed by PEMF therapy, which try to mimic the Earth’s magnetic frequency.  You may have heard of it before—PEMF therapy—but you aren’t sure exactly … Read more