What is PEMF Therapy?

What if I told you that there was a single solution to heal and recharge your entire body? Pretty crazy, right? Now what if I also told you that all you had to do was simply lie down and relax on the surface of a mat? Well, you’d probably think that I had gone insane! But luckily for you, there is a solution that can do all that: PEMF Therapy.

From joint and muscle pain, to improvements in your sleep (and even to stress reduction), PEMF therapy is the solution that does it all. It’s totally fine if you’re a little skeptical, but by the end of this article, you’ll have a little more information to put your doubts to rest.

So, what is PEMF Therapy? Put simply, it is a therapeutic system that treats your body to electromagnetic fields that work to heal you at a cellular level and return your body to its natural state. Simple, right? Well, not exactly. But we’ll get into that later. The aspect about PEMF therapy that is simple, however, is how simple it is to use it. 

There are a wide variety of PEMF devices out on the market, but the majority of them are therapeutic or heated mats that allow you to lounge upon a comfortable surface as you feel your aches and pains be eased to nonexistence. There are also claims that it can improve mental capability, assist in nerve repair, and reduce symptoms of conditions like diabetes. 

You probably have a lot of questions about this peculiar form of therapy, so let’s get into it and address each of them!

Why Do I Need PEMF Therapy?

“Why do I need my body to return to its natural state? Since when was my body in an unnatural state?”

Everywhere around us are unseen dangers that our bodies are constantly exposed to. These invisible menaces are called EMF, or electromagnetic fields. They are produced by almost every electronic device—cell phones, radios, powerlines, and so much more. When our body is exposed to this dangerous radiation, it affects the natural magnetic frequency of our cells and damages our body. Long term exposure to EMF can even potentially cause cancer. What makes EMF even worse is that these radioactive waves are pretty much impossible to avoid. Well, unless you live as a recluse in the middle of the woods.

But even if we do live in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, our cells still lose their efficiency as we grow older. And when our cells lose their strength and efficiency, it affects every part of our bodies. Obviously growing old is a natural part of life, but there still is a way to keep our cells balanced and our bodies healthy.

That’s where PEMF Therapy comes in. Whether it’s EMF exposure or just natural cell decomposition, PEMF is here to help. By emitting a low frequency of electromagnetic energy into our bodies, our cells are energized and healed. It’s really the closest thing to a “reset” button for your body. 

How Do PEMF Devices Work?

What is PEMF therapy and how does a PEMF device actually work?” 

PEMF therapy devices generate electromagnetic fields through a magnetic coil. In the case of a PEMF mat or pad, these usually run under the surface and you can barely even tell they’re there; that is, until you feel their healing results! The energy of the coils is generated by a frequency generator that allows the coils to release PEMF.

You’re probably wondering why these PEMF waves don’t damage our bodies like EMF waves do. This is because PEMF devices release non-ionizing, low frequency waves that are usually found in nature. EMFs are ionizing and high frequency waves of harmful energy that are not found in nature and damage our bodies. 

How Does PEMF Affect Your Body?

Cells in your entire body heal from PEMF therapy

“How exactly does PEMF therapy heal our bodies?”

To understand how PEMF heals our bodies, we need to understand how our bodies deteriorate at a cellular level. The membranes that surround each of the trillions of cells in our body have an electrical charge that controls the amount of molecules that can pass through the membrane. When their charges are out of balance, our cells are unable to absorb a healthy amount of nutrients and are unable to get rid of waste. PEMF therapy recalibrates the charge of our cells, allowing them to soak up energy from nutrients and function at an optimal level.

The healing of our cells affects our body and mind. Think of it this way; when our cells function efficiently, our body’s tissue is able to function better too. When our tissue is stronger, our organ systems are able to operate at their best. And when our organs are operating at their best, the entirety of our body is improved!

What Are the Health and Wellness Benefits of PEMF? 

PEMF therapy helps you live a healthier and active life.

“So, how does PEMF therapy translate to improved health and wellness?”

The amount of health and wellness benefits you can obtain from PEMF therapy are vast and varied. They can truly enhance your mind, body, and soul like no other therapeutic solution can. Below, I’ll discuss just a small handful of PEMF’s healing benefits.

Physical Benefits

PEMF therapy is capable of healing aches and pains deep within your body. This can be anything from minor muscle tension, to serious joint stiffness that result from arthritis. 

Because PEMF heals your cells, it’s also great to heal your body after it incurs any kind of strain or injury. Athletes who have strenuous workout routines are able to perform more efficiently and consistently since PEMF energizes each of your individual cells. Even if you casually exercise from time to time, you’ll experience less muscle aches after your fitness routine. It’s also great to improve mobility to have you feeling looser!

One of the biggest scientifically proven uses for PEMF therapy is for bone regeneration. It has been federally approved by the FDA for the treatment of bone fractures and bone formation following spinal fusion surgery. Many clinical studies have also looked at its benefits for treating rotator cuff tears and for helping aid bone growth after an osteoplasty.  

Although it isn’t scientifically proven yet, there are many claims that PEMF therapy is capable of reducing symptoms of diabetes by improving circulation. There has also been research conducted to examine how PEMF therapy can be used to alleviate symptoms of cancer and the effects of chemotherapy. 

Mental and Emotional Benefits

Many utilize the health benefits of PEMF therapy to reduce levels of stress and depression. This means that you’ll be able to deal with higher levels of stress in your daily life, a result of PEMF optimizing the functions of the nervous and endocrine systems. The FDA has even approved the use of PEMF for the treatment of depression. PEMF therapy is really a great alternative to avoid addictive medications and drugs that are so often used to treat mental health conditions. 

With the healing powers to reduce stress and depression, PEMF is also known to improve mental and cognitive function. One of the ways it does this is by improving circulation and allowing cells to be fully cleansed. This works to keep your mind clear of distractions and eliminate mental smog that clouds your thoughts. 

PEMF therapy is also a great tool to improve your sleep and manage your sleep cycle. This is because PEMF helps relax your body and ease your mind. Not only does it give you a better night’s sleep, but it also recharges your body at the same time so you wake up energized and ready to take on the day!

PEMF Therapy Usage

“What is the best way to use PEMF therapy devices?” 

The most popular forms of PEMF therapy used today are typically through therapeutic or heated mats. There are also devices that can be applied to specific parts of the body to treat individual areas of pain, but the best way is to let your whole body bask in PEMF’s healing powers. 

Laying on a therapeutic heating pad is the most comfortable way to treat your body to PEMF. Also, many heated mats have additional therapy solutions that amplify the healing results of PEMF therapy. 

Final Thoughts on PEMF Therapy

With all of the facts and information about PEMF therapy discussed in this article, I’m sure that the question of “what is PEMF therapy” has been answered. I also hope that you have gained a better understanding and appreciation for PEMF and its health benefits. 

Although there has been a substantial amount of research into PEMF therapy, much of it has yet to be officially approved by health boards and organizations around the world—yet. That’s why it is always important to consult with your doctor or a medical professional before trying one of these devices. 

Still, millions of people around the world swear by PEMF’s health and wellness powers and use it to improve their overall quality of life. 

So, take the holistic, yet simple approach to finally achieving improved health and wellness with PEMF therapy!