PEMF Frequency Chart

In the past few decades, research and development of alternative forms of medicine has been an ever-growing interest amongst those in the scientific and medical community. Alternative medicine is essentially any medicine that isn’t considered a traditional form of medication or treatment. Often, these forms of medicine aren’t fully proven by science. Nonetheless, they are still often used to reduce the symptoms of certain disorders and even just to improve overall health and wellness.

One form of alternative medicine is PEMF therapy. PEMF, or pulsed electromagnetic field, sends magnetic radiation through the body to heal at a cellular level. The word “radiation” is scary to some people as they might think that it is dangerous. In reality, however, PEMF radiation can help relieve joint and muscle pain, improve circulation, and even treat cancer and epilepsy. 

You are probably thinking “how can PEMF healing frequencies treat pain within the body?” Don’t worry, after reading this blog post you will have a much better understanding of this advanced form of therapy. First, you will need to have a solid understanding of how a PEMF device works and how it affects the human body!

What is PEMF and How Does it Work

Cells in our body are healed by PEMF

So how does this intriguing therapy treatment work? PEMF devices typically consist of electromagnetic coils that emit a magnetic field. These waves of magnetism are able to reach deep into the body to target and treat your cells. And just in case you were wondering, PEMF is also a completely non-invasive treatment, and very rarely do users experience even minimal side-effects. 

Each of the trillions of cells inside of us has a magnetic charge that influences how many nutrients can be absorbed and how efficiently waste can be expelled. Over time, our cells’ magnetic charge slowly falls out of balance and becomes weaker. PEMF therapy basically “resets” the magnetic charge of our cells, allowing them to function more efficiently and at an optimal level. 

PEMF therapy also improves circulation throughout the entirety of our body. When our circulation is enhanced, our bodies are able to absorb more oxygen, reduce inflammation, and energize our organs. These benefits can be extremely advantageous for those suffering from illness and are able to reduce symptoms of chronic conditions. 

So, what are these conditions that PEMF can help alleviate? Below are just a handful of examples that testify to the effectiveness of PEMF therapy.

How PEMF Therapy Can Heal Your Body

PEMF treatment is able to restore your body to its optimal condition

PEMF therapy has the power to heal a multitude of pains and afflictions that can result from any number of sources. And the best part is that you are able to relax as it does this! These benefits include:

  • Bone Regeneration
  • Muscle Recovery from Exercise
  • Alleviation from Neurological Disorders
  • Reduced Depression
  • Wound Healing
  • And Cancer Treatment 

So, let’s take a deeper look at these ailments and which PEMF frequencies can optimally provide a solution for them.

Role of PEMF Frequency in Treatment of Common Conditions

Pulsed magnetic fields or the energy emitted by various PEMF devices can vary in three different ways: waveform, intensity and frequency.

Many different forms of waveforms can be used when engineering PEMF devices, but they do not seem to have different effects on the human cells. Most PEMF devices in the market typically use low intensity and are safe to use. The most important factor that would influence the treatment of certain conditions is frequency, please refer below table to know which specific frequencies help in the treatment of various conditions. The table has been created based on studies by European doctors and is a reliable reference for recommended frequencies in the treatment of common ailments.

How PEMF Therapy Can Heal Your Body

By now, you likely have a much better understanding of the health and healing benefits we can experience by treating our bodies to PEMF therapy. With that understanding, you might be wondering why PEMF healing frequencies aren’t common practice amongst healthcare professionals. This is mainly because much of its benefits have yet to be fully proven science. Well, not proven yet!

Regardless, it’s still important to discuss treating yourself with PEMF with your doctor or a credible healthcare professional. This is true with really any form of alternative medicine or treatment!

So, say goodbye to ailments, pain, and harmful symptoms of disorders by introducing PEMF therapy into your life!